Someone’s a Habs fan. #gohabs

It’s almost that time of year, isn’t it @stephiegray? #golfseason #golfchannelbegins

Miniature Schnauzers for Obama #isupportit

@stephiegray is treating me to homemade sushi!

Gym, tan, laundry.

Proud Canadian. #gocanadago #wearewinter

Always an interesting listen.

Picked up these dandies while I was at it. #thewalkmen #billevans

Pumped to finally get my new record player speakers. #vinyl

Just got my first issues of @offscreenmag. Excited to start my collection.

Someone wants my attention.

Current status. (at Steve-O-Reno’s Cappuccino)

Almost there. (at Command Base Creative Design)

Time to burn me some midnight oil. (at Command Base Creative Design)

Old fashions at @brooklynhalifax (at Brooklyn Warehouse)